Magazine & Publications

At MINT Magazine, we offer local zoned ads (with circulations from 20,000 to 45,000) as low as 1 cent per home, depending on ad size & circulation; citywide ads start at 0.3c per home.  With our direct mail publications, we help new businesses establish a presence locally (branding, building awareness) and help established businesses grow their sales with our trackable coupon redemption by attracting new customers, bringing in repeat customers sooner than they would normally return, and increasing your average ticket transaction.

Direct mail magazines are still the leader in branding. MINT Magazine ads build awareness among current and potential customers.  MINT Magazine is the most popular and trusted advertising vehicle used by consumers, as measured annually by The Media Audit.

In addition to the MINT, we also publish Home & Decor IDEAS Magazine for home improvement businesses.  Home & Decor IDEAS mails to the top 150,000 single family homes in Jacksonville, based on home value and income. Call our sales consulting team today to learn more about our Magazine products.

Our magazine available Ad Sizes: one-sixth page, one-eighth page, quarter page, third page, half page, full page, 2-page spread, front cover and back cover. For agency and clients, you can download templates here!

Mint Magazine markets:

As part of Gannett Co, we have sister magazines (MINT Magazine, Clipper Magazine, Savvy Shopper, and Home & Decor IDEAS) in over 500 markets across the country.

For more information, please call us and ask about magazine advertising.